We’re looking for social, outgoing people to act as independent salespeople. This is your best opportunity to make extra money and support Craft Notes mission and help us tell and promote the story of exceptional local makers.

When you drive sales of passports, you make huge margins. However much you want to make is up to you.

Earn up to $300+ per hour (our guy Thane did a few nights around Christmas) or just make $50 and casually pay for your night out. The sky is the limit and how much you earn is limited only by how much effort you want to put in.

How does independent sales team work?

You earn commission on everything you sell.

We set a “Wholesale Price,” You sell them for any price you want, then keep the difference.

The more you sell for a price the more you make. There is no limit to how much you can earn.

The Catch?

There’s really no catch. There is absolutely ZERO risk to you.

We’re a local business and can’t afford to hire salespeople. A bunch of our customers have asked to help us with our mission. This is what we came up with to incentivize people and give them the opportunity to make money while supporting great local businesses featured in our passport 🙂

Here are 3 successful breakdowns that seem to work best.

1. Sell to friends or promote them when out. Make extra money on a normal bar night, get all your drinking-buddies hooked up, or host a table at markets or other events (jump).

2. Sell in bulk. Work for a charity or club and need a fundraiser? Or maybe you know some retail shops that would crush it. Help them make revenue and earn some for you as well (jump).

3. Let us handle Fulfillment – Promote Craft Notes on Social Media and earn a commission (jump).

Make money when you’re going out to breweries or host a table at a Farmer’s Market or friend’s event.

You’re planning a night out at some breweries? Bring your Craft Notes Passport, a small sign, and sell to people at the brewery.

You’ll be there anyway, so why not promote the books?

Want to just chill? Post up at the bar, put up a small sign, and have fun chatting people up about it. Sell a few. Have a good night.

Want to work it and go table to table? Awesome.

This is how Thane made over $300/hour one evening in December. He went table to table asking people to buy. People needed gifts and he crushed it, selling over 40 books in 2 hours.

You just show up, sell, and make money (holiday markets see best).

What if I want to give them to friends or family as gifts or for a lower price than MSRP?

Totally fine.

You are purchasing these from us at a discount, so any amount, if any, that you get over that is up to you.

Are venues OK with me selling at their space?


Can I really make $300/hour? What should I expect?


What if I just want to chill and sell a few, is this OK?


I want to set up a table at an event… Do I need to pay for this? How should I do this?

We cannot pay for this space for you, however, we may be able to provide you with a setup/decor if you’re able to comit to doing this regularly.

It’s up to you to make arrangements, most markets only cost $20-40. You decide how you can make the most, but that works out to only a couple passports sold to break-even on booth fees.

IDEAS: (some things we’ve seen success with)

Bulk sales for Fundraisers, Charities, or Boutique Resellers


Let us handle fulfilment. You promote online.


RECAP: How it works / Get Started

We’ll get you Craft Notes to sell however you’d like. Pay only for what you sell. Keep the profits.

  1. We give you a “Wholesale Price” on Passports
  2. You set your own prices (MSRP = $25; You can offer bulk discounts, or run your own promotions as you want)
  3. You keep all the money over the “wholesale price”

The more you sell for a better price the more you make.

You’ll never be on the hook more more than our “wholesale” price that you pay us. Discounts off our “wholesale price” is up to you and what makes the most sense.

Get Started selling books and making money!

If you don’t sell them, simply return the passports along with the money you from ones you did sell.

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  1. Sign up and get 90 days of “Credit” from Craft Notes and “purchase” passports at a wholesale price – We’ll send you passports (usually 20-30, however you can get as many as you need)
  2. Sell these however you want (ideas below).
  3. You’ll collect the money directly as you sell them. Charge whatever you want. YOU set the price. (We recommend getting a Square account. Use this link for a free reader)
  4. Pay us at Craft Notes once you’ve sold them all. (We prefer a check or venmo)
  5. We’ll get you more


How does Craft Notes get paid? How much do I sell them

We get a wholesale price for each passport

What does “Craft Notes Credit” mean? How does that work?

We get a wholesale price for each passport

What are the risks for me?

If you’re returning unsold books, you will end up spending $3-4 to mail them back to us (Media Mail USPS is cheapest).

If books get stolen, lost, or damaged you will be held in account for the wholesale price.
We’ll are fair and excuse 1 or 2 if that happens (ie. you were set up at a rainy event and some got damaged) but this will be on case by case basis. We want to see you make money, but we’re a small business. We’re not going to hold you in account if you’re being honest, but if books are consistently lost or damaged we may not continue to allow you in this program.

RISK: except that if you’re returning unsold passports

Please add your name to BOTH forms below.