We wanted to share this initiative with you and connect you to the local diversity in the craft community. Please support the program and encourage your favorite breweries to do so as well!

Matt Dowgwillo, Craft Notes Founder

Black Lives Matter.

This post is a shout-out to the awesome folks at Weathered Souls Brewing (Texas) that put this campaign together. The Black is Beautiful initiative is an effort to bring awareness to the injustices that many people of color face daily and to show that in craft beer, just as in Craft Notes, ALL ARE WELCOME (#craftdrinksforall #blacklivesmatter).

This in an international movement that asks breweries to make a beer and donate the proceeds to a local charity of their choice, that encourages equality and inclusion. Brewers are given the label art and if they want, a base recipe (creativity is encouraged).

We look forward to the releases and supporting the cause.

Participating Minnesota Breweries

View All Minnesota Breweries that are participating in the Black is Beautiful program.

Also, not directly related, but a similar cause, check out our friends at Brewing Change Collaborative.