You can trust Craft Notes to help you find the highest quality, dedicated local makers.

Craft Notes makes it easy for you to always have something new and fun to do, while supporting great local businesses and enjoying complimentary drinks when you do it!

Support authentic businesses

Our mission is to introduce you to authentic local businesses that are investing in their communities and helping shape local culture.

Local Teams of Experts

We consult local teams of experts to make sure you are getting to experience the hottest and best things no matter where you go. Whether you’re looking to stay in touch with your scene or looking for an authentic LOCALS’ experience when travelling, think of us as your local tour-guides to the best breweries, restaurants, cafes, and distilleries.

Say “hi” to our Team of local Experts

How Do we choose who to feature?

Each passport is designed around a new theme, and curating stories is tough work.

We start by checking everything out personally. Drawing on recommendations from industry friends and our most active Craft Notes fans (suggested via instagram).

Then we meet the founders to learn more about the business…

1) Contribution to local culture is the most important.

We find places that are adding to local culture. Whether through their mission, their products, techniques, design, events, or community aspect… We try to only include important, essential, and committed breweries, distilleries, and cafes.

2) Making something exceptional

Follow our advice and you’ll never have a bad drink again.

We love experimentation, but Craft Notes is most committed to the singular products that put our craftsmen on the map. To us, finding that recipe or thing that has been tweeked and perfected and then reproduced consistently and perfectly is the mark of a true maker.

3) Contribution to community😊

Sustainability, Inclusivity, and Charity are important to Craft Notes ethos, and we look for that same level of commitment from the Craftsmen we feature.

4) Trend forward & Fun

When you use Craft Notes, we want to make sure each experience is a great one.

We keep you in the loop. Craft Notes is focused on helping you weed through the hype of new and instead put a focus on maker-trailblazers of culture.

best craft breweries in minneapolis

Look for our mark!

We find the absolute best places for you, so you’ll always know where to go (and have a drink waiting for you to try!)

We’re not just focused on the newest and hottest thing. We’re focused on fun, community, supporting authentic local people doing what they love. Every single place on Craft Notes was hand-picked to represent that absolute best in what they do and we tell you those stories so you can understand their place in local culture.